IESNJ Survey 2018
July 3 – August 10, 2018
Description:To the Members of the IES, in Section #14, the Edison Section (aka Montclair Section).

This past year has been an exciting time in your local chapter, starting with our September 2017 meeting at Lighting Expo in Freehold NJ, where we had a great presentation from Emily Gorecki, owner of Gorecki Design Associates, LLC in Connecticut, discussing the design process for residential interior lighting design. Following this, we heard from Brain Deluca of TRC Solutions at the October meeting in Woodbridge. Brian was there to give an update on the current rebate program in NJ. November we met at Philips Lighting to hear Marianna Figuerio, PhD from the LRC talk about the current research into the effects of light on the Circadian system.

January 2018 was a fantastic turnout at the Edison Museum in West Orange, where we had the privilege of both Tim Licitra, Executive Director of the IESNA and Paul Israel, editor of the Edison Papers, giving presentations, followed by a guided tour of the museum. In February we met at RAB Lighting for a presentation by Nat Drucker regarding DLC and the manufacturers process of compliance. March was a tour of the Battleship NJ in Camden NJ where we looked at their conversion of the interior lighting to LED.

In April, we were back at Philips Lighting for a presentation by Dan Rogers entitled “Human Vision and Color Perception”. Dan, with some assistance from Mark Roush and Dan Blitzer, used many of the capabilities of the Philips Training Center to demonstrate how we perceive color, and how varied our perception is from one person to the next.

As many have remarked in the past few years, we are living in historic times in the lighting industry. After a relatively stable period of HID and Fluorescent lighting, LED’s (aka Solid State Lighting) have created a revolution in the industry. Piggybacked on this has been the explosion in wireless controls, (aka the Internet of things (IoT)). Nearly every day brings new designs, new solutions, and new pricing structures. As we transition to the next year for your local chapter, and begin the planning process for what we hope will be an even better season of Lighting education and understanding, we have some questions. In an effort to provide effective, meaningful, and relevant programs, that are both engaging and enlightning, we are asking for your help.

As a thank-you for your participation, you will automatically be entered into a drawing for a $100 Gift Card. Please make sure your name and email at the end of the survey is correct in order to be entered into the drawing. You may be the lucky WINNER!.

Looking forward to seeing you all in September, when we have our Kick off meeting at Don Pepes in Newark (Date to be determined)

Thank you,
The IES NJ Edison Section BOM

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